New TMNT 2016 Movie

The 2014 movie was seriously ripped on by movie critics in usual Michael Bay movie fashion for the usual Bayish reasons. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The differences among the turtles are thoroughly highlighted as Michelangelo is about half the size of Raphael. Here is the trailer for this year’s follow up which I am bodaciously waiting to see!

In any case, people who are adamant about things like character development should get their storyline fix from that thing people forgot about: BOOKS! Movies just can’t provide the same depth and layers you get from a good novel. The srength of movies are their abilities to deliver crisp visuals which the 2014 TMNT movie did and this year’s version promises to also deliver!

In a related note. April O’Neil is pregnant and apparently there exists some ‘controversy’ as to the father. Let’s not be too surprised if the baby is born with a half shell!


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