How To Make A Ninja Turtle Costume

How To Make A Ninja Turtle Costume

So it’s Halloween (or maybe not, and you’re just that into ninja turtles) and you’ve decided to make a ninja turtle costume…cowabunga dude! Some things never go out of style, do they? Let’s get you started then; it’s actually pretty simple.

First things first, here are the materials you’ll need:

1. Two poster boards (1 green, 1 yellow)

2. Paint: black

3. Green paint for your body (the kind that washes off easily)

4. Some kind of green shirt, short sleeve, or long

5. Dark shorts; black is probably best

6. Any shirt that is the color of your ninja turtle (ex: Leonardo/blue) You’ll be cutting this into strips for the mask, elbows, and knees

7. Black wristbands

Step 1: Take your green poster board and draw an oval (this is going to be your shell so it should be as big/small as it needs to be, depending on the person’s size).


Step 2: Draw as many turtle spots on the green paper (probably best to use a pencil here dude). When that’s done you want to color outside the spots with black paint. Look at this happy-go-lucky turtle as an example. Only the outside part of the turtleshell spots are black. That means the spots themselves should be green.


Step 3: Start on the chest. You’ll need that yellow poster board now. Cut out a ninja turtle 6 pack (the closest you’ll ever get to your own 6 pack) that will serve as your midsection. Check Leo out so you have a visual of it. You’re going to be drawing a line right down the middle, from top to bottom. Next, you’re drawing two more lines, that will divide your mid section and give you the 6 pack.


Step 4: Glue or tape the back part of the ninja turtle’s midsection to your shirt. Now for the accessories: Put on your wristbands. Cut a strip of material from your shirt for the mask, elbows, and knees.

Step 5: Paint yourself green! Remember to double check that the body paint you are using washes off easily, otherwise you’re in for a long night.


Cowabunga dude! You’re ready to paint the town green, and kick some major butt!


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