How to Make a Ninja Turtle Cake

So you’ve decided to make a ninja turtle cake…congrats! You’re probably one of a few people who like to be fun and creative with their baking. While it may seem like you have to be a pro to make a ninja turtle cake, it is actually not that difficult. Here’s the scoop:

Step 1: First things first, unless you’re a baking ninja who makes everything from scratch, you probably just want to go out to your local store and pick up a box of cake mix. Betty Crocker will do just fine. You also want to pick up some frosting pens. Make sure you have all the necessary colors (you’ll be needing quite a bit of green).


Step 2: Once you’ve baked the cake (2 layers), and it’s cooled, you can start coloring the frosting so that you get the perfect shade of ninja turtle green. Put a layer of frosting on the first layer of cake.

Step 3: Slap the second layer of cake on top. Now you can start icing the cake. For this step you’ll need an icing bag or two, or icing pens—any kind will do just fine.

clip_image004 clip_image006

Step 4: Smooth out the icing on the whole cake, as best you can.

Step 5: Ideally you want to have a picture so you can compare your progress and make any necessary adjustments when you start drawing the face on the cake.


Draw out the face and mask of the ninja turtle with a small pen-like object. Start simple: first the eyes, then the mask, and finally the mouth or nose. There are no limitations, you can be creative and experiment with your cake. It’s ok if you make mistakes because you can always smooth it out again and start over!


Step 6: Go back to your picture of the ninja turtles, and take a close look at it. You want to make sure you outline the mask with black-colored icing. Now have your icing bag ready for when you’re done outlining the face. Depending on what ninja turtle you are drawing, you’ll need the appropriate color of icing also, whether red, blue, orange, or purple.

Step 7: Have your cake and eat it too! Cowabunga!


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